“De Bhrún’s vibrancy and attention to detail on stage allows for the total and complete transportation of the audience from one location to the next within each of her three character scenes...
... De Bhrún’s writing is wonderfully simple, honest and succinct, allowing her to immerse herself fully in the colourful nu- ances of each of her characters. The sensitivity and humour with which everything is handled revokes any sense of overrid- ing morbidity in this hour-long piece. Helena Browne’s direction is tight and truly altruistic in her intentions to convey clear meaning: life is fragile and short. Savour it while you have it.”

Jennifer Lee, Irish Theatre Magazine

“...her pale-skinned, fine-featured face a motile palimpsest alternating between the characteristic expressions and emo- tions of these three different females, like the rippling surface of a pool of water, delivers a beautifully measured and subtly engaging performance. She presses face and body against the fourth wall without crudely shattering it, to talk directly to the audience. Funny, jokey, occasionally wise, but, however sombre, never gratuitously bleak, and never over-stepping her own mark of studied intimacy”

- John McKeown, Exeunt Magazine

“While De Bhrún’s characters are wonderfully developed - each backstory convincing, each character switched seamlessly - it’s the theme of society failing the individual that dominates Till Death We Part. From healthcare to talent shows, all three characters are failed by systems that rule against them to fatal consequences. It’s a tribute to De Bhrún as a storyteller that all three stories are admirably inter-woven, each character’s highs and lows in synch with one another.

An ambitious work, Till Death We Part is a play full of passion, verve and full of creative ambition, marking an interesting

development in an impressive talent.”

- Phillip Cummins,

“Amy De Bhrun bewitches her audience with teasing laughs, subtlecharacterisation and sublime moments of pathos. Play- ing so many parts would challenge any actress but De Brun’s star quality is at supernova level. Imagine Pauline McLynn in Grace Kelly’s body and you are getting close. Did I mention she wrote it too? This girl is going to be huge. Don’t miss.”

Luke McManus, Le Cool Magazine

“I’m struggling to think of the last time I enjoyed a night out so much as Amy de Bhrun’s Female of the Species at Union Square.

When the very beautiful Amy de Bhrun stalked out from among a stage full of foliage as a kind of female Attenborough I wasn’t quite sure where she was taking us. I feared that after the wonderful meal I’d experienced I was about to be brought back to earth with a bang.

The words “One Woman (or Man) Show” send a chill to my bones. I get flashbacks to self indulgent misery monologues...

Female of the Species is anything but that.

De Bhrun mounts an exploration of the modern woman, deliv- ering a series of vignettes about the different species of female which we might encounter in everyday life. This is risky territory to get into, there is danger of doing a Sex and the City 2 (Jesus wept) and straying into offensive stereotypical portraits of women.

Happily, observations here are spot on, fired at the audience in a way that will have both men and women rolling on the floor with laughter.

Lines like “all small children have a lisp,” show the skill of Amy as both a writer and accomplished performer.”

- Louise Finn, The Evening Herald

It pulsates with righteous anger - and deserves praise for giving a voice to people who have been silenced for far too long already... a passionate plea for female self-empowerment, delivered with tremendous energy and conviction."

Andrew Lynch, The Sunday Business Post


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